Lead nurturing email ideas

Lead Nurturing Email Ideas

You’ve worked hard to generate leads from your landing pages, but it’s unlikely that your leads are ready to buy straight away. It can seem a little disheartening to see your marketing apparently “working”, but then not seeing an immediate increase in sales and new clients. It often comes down to timing. If your leads are not ready to buy now, it doesn’t mean they never will. See this as an opportunity to build a relationship with your lead and ultimately build up enough trust that they will instinctively come back to you when the time is right. Lead nurturing email campaigns are perfect for this.

Why email? Well, it’s less intrusive than a phone call, especially if your prospects are not ready buy. A call can seem too pressured and salesy. It’s also very time consuming to call every lead on a regular basis. Email provides a much less salesy way to keep in touch with your audience and they can read your emails on their own terms.

You might be tempted to craft your best sales copy and promotional offers to include in your lead nurturing emails, but this could be a big turn off for those not ready to buy. It also does little to build that all-important trust with your new prospect, so here are some lead nurturing email ideas and tips to get the most from your campaigns…

Be helpful

Offer tips and advice related to the problems you have promised to solve for your customers. For example, if you are a LinkedIn consultant and your landing page promised to help business owners get more leads from LinkedIn, your end goal might be to sign them up to a course or consultancy package. If your prospects are not yet ready to buy, you could use your lead nurturing emails to offer a few tips on using LinkedIn more effectively. This gives an immediate benefit to the recipient whilst also demonstrating your knowledge on the subject.

You could send them white papers/reports with relevant information or ask them if there are any question they need answering on XYZ. Open up a conversation and start building a long-term relationship.

By offering advice, you’re showing yourself to be the expert on your specialist area of knowledge, which can help to build trust in you and your services, leading to better conversions in the future.

Great for: service based businesses, B2B

Provide social proof

Some prospects won’t be ready to buy, but others will be and just need that little push. Something as simple as a testimonial from a happy customer could be all it takes for prospect to buy. This can be presented as a simple quote in the email, or a video testimonial. You could even create a case study, providing more information about the customer’s circumstances (with permission) and how you fixed their problems. Case studies are a great way for prospects to envisage how you could help them.

Great for: all businesses

Get nostalgic

If your list is getting old; perhaps your customers haven’t bought anything in a while or your leads signed up for your lead magnet some months ago, use your nurturing emails to remind them of what they’ve purchased from you in the past or what benefits they received from your lead magnet. Remind them of your great customer service or discounted pricing and let them know they are a valued customer. Perhaps offering an exclusive deal or freebie if they order again/sign up now (see below).

Great for: retail/ecommerce

Offer a limited time deal

This might not be for every business, but it could be just the ticket to nudge your prospect over the line. Perhaps they are ready to buy, but you’re not the only option they’re looking at. Offering a discount or offer exclusive to them with a clear deadline creates a sense of urgency and could help you to close the deal. Don’t forget to give clear benefits to the customer and back up your claims with some social proof (see above).

Great for: retail/ecommerce

Lead nurturing email campaigns needn’t be all salesy. It’s important to take into consideration where your customer is in their buying journey. If they’re ready to buy, a simple reminder of the benefits of working with you and a client testimonial could be all it takes to sign up that new client. But, if they’re not ready to buy, you’ll need to be more patient, more creative and aim for building trust over a longer period of time. And remember, lead nurturing doesn’t just need to happen immediately after they sign up, use these techniques for getting back in touch with old customers and prospects. It’s all about timing, after all, so although it may have been a few months (or years) since they signed up, now could just be the right time for them to take that next step.

[Looking for some inspiration? Check out this Hubspot post for examples]


Heather Robinson
Heather Robinson has been working in digital marketing since 2005. Graduating with a degree in marketing from the University of Leeds and an MSc in Digital Marketing from Manchester Met, Heather puts her strategic knowledge into practice, working with businesses of all sizes on their digital marketing strategies. She is also a published author and conference speaker and provides consultancy and training to marketing teams in the public and private sector.

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