Essential Online Advertising: Spend wisely, Get Results

by Heather Robinson

The best £6.99 you’ll spend on your business by far
— Simon Dunant, New Rise Digital

Essential Online Advertising is a pocket sized guide giving all the information a small business owner needs to know before venturing into the world of Google AdWords and social media advertising.

The book covers paid for advertising on the world’s largest search engine, Google as well as covering the paid advertising features of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

If you’ve ever dabbled in online advertising and found it very expensive or just not effective, this book will explain which platforms suit which type of businesses and what you can expect from your advertising budget. Some platforms offer more cost effective solutions depending on what your goals are and by the end of the book, you will be in no doubt as to which strategy is right for you.

ISBN/ISSN: 978-0-9927840-9-6



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Reader Reviews

This is a little gem of a book packed with great info and tips regarding advertising online using various different platforms. Highly recommended for solopreneurs taking their first tentative steps into this arena and for those who would like to achieve more from using these platforms
— Andi Lonnen, The Finance Training Academy
This book is clearly written and accessible. Heather takes time to explain the jargon you need to find the best fit advertising for your business type. Having read it I was clear about what advertising was worth investing in to best grow my type of business.
— Sarah Barrett, Lingotastic
It’s an easy to read concise 96 page pocket-sized book that distills only the important things that the small business owner needs to know about online advertising so that they can understand how to allocate their advertising budget to get maximum returns from it. It gives you the facts you need to know to take action right now for your business.

“Heather’s empathetic approach to small business owners means that she doesn’t presume you already have a marketing degree (most small business owners don’t, entrepreneurs get just the information they need then take action and adjust along the way). The tone of the book is pitched just right for new and experienced business owners alike.

“[…] If you’ve ever run an online advertising campaign before and feel like you haven’t got a good return on the money you invested, or you’re about to embark on a campaign for your business, read this book first. It will save you time and money and increase your profits when you put Heather’s advice into action. This is the best £6.99 you’ll spend on your business by far.
— - Simon Dunant, New Rise Digital

Meet the Author

Heather Robinson has been helping businesses and organisations get the most out the internet since 2005. Helping them to define and implement effective marketing strategies, manage budgets, and deliver the best results possible in line with their goals.As a marketing graduate, Heather has worked in all areas of marketing, but her passion lies with digital technologies, utilising platforms such as Google AdWords and social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to maximise exposure for her clients and driving a constant flow of traffic to their website.In 2012, Heather set up ‘Skittish’, a boutique digital agency in the north of England with the aim of helping small to medium sized businesses get a good grasp of all the opportunities available to them in the online world. Her clients vary from solopreneurs and micro businesses, to larger, multinational companies.

A lot of Heather’s time is dedicated to delivering training and talks in her area of expertise, running regular workshops aimed at business owners on areas such as social media strategy and creating a content marketing plan. She also speaks regularly at local, national, and global digital marketing conferences and has contributed to Essential Digital Marketing for Small Business, by Simon Dunnant (2014).