Email Marketing Success: Build Trust, Win Customers

by Heather Robinson

Email Marketing may not be as on-trend as Social Media, but it’s certainly more effective at acquiring new business and getting direct, measurable results from your efforts.

In this book, the second from Heather in the Solopreneur Guide series, she will look at where and how you should incorporate email marketing into your strategy to drive traffic to your website and convert visitors into paying customers. 

Whether you’re new to Email Marketing or have dabbled in the past, this guide will give you the facts on how to stay legal whilst emailing your database as well as top tips to get your emails into the inbox and read by the right people.

ISBN-10: 0993188060
ISBN-13: 978-0993188060

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Reader reviews

Using email to win business is a staple of so many business owners. It is a readily available and free (or at least very cheap) way to attract people to you. But with all the noise that is out there and people suffering from humdrum inbox overload, it is very easy to get it wrong. The time you put into your emailing campaigns should be an investment, not a waste and that is why you need to read this book. Starting from basics it guides you through the steps you need to take to build relationships and get people to notice you. You can’t decide when people will buy from you, but you need to be in their thoughts when they do and this is what you will achieve if you follow the advice in this book.
— Andrew Miller, Amazon Customer
This is great reference guide for solo business owners starting to build their lists and use email to keep conversations going. It includes helpful information on legal requirements, types of email marketing software and some top tips for ensuring your emails get read - well worth the read in itself!
— Judith Parson, Amazon Customer
Very helpful read. Clear with some great tips to support those new to Email Marketing
— Matthew Mears, At Your Service 2015

Meet the author

Heather Robinson has been helping businesses and organisations get the most out the internet since 2005. Helping them to define and implement effective marketing strategies, manage budgets, and deliver the best results possible in line with their goals. As a marketing graduate, Heather has worked in all areas of marketing, but her passion lies with digital technologies, utilising platforms such as Email Marketing, Google AdWords and social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to maximise exposure for her clients and driving a constant flow of traffic to their website.

In 2012, Heather set up 'Skittish', a boutique digital agency in the north of England with the aim of helping small to medium sized businesses get a good grasp of all the opportunities available to them in the online world. Her clients vary from solopreneurs and micro businesses, to larger, multinational companies. A lot of Heather's time is dedicated to delivering training and talks in her area of expertise, running regular workshops aimed at business owners on areas such as social media strategy and creating a content marketing plan. She also speaks regularly at local, national, and global digital marketing conferences and has contributed to Essential Digital Marketing for Small Business, by Simon Dunnant (2014).