The Importance of Keyword Research

How do people find your website? You may think, well that’s easy, they search for such and such a keyword or phrase. But do they? Making assumptions like this can lead to some poor choices and, even worse, poor optimisation of your website.

This is where keyword research comes in. There are tools out there to help you determine the actual keywords your visitors are using to find sites like yours, but where do you start?

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

At Skittish, we will conduct keyword research before embarking on any search engine optimisation campaign, whether it’s link building or content writing.

We know the importance of return on investment (ROI) for our clients, so we’ll use our research to find which keywords are the most popular in your industry and will bring you the most traffic. It’s also important to look at which visitors convert into sales and see how they found your site. You may find that it’s not just the volume of traffic that’s important, if they’ve not come to your site to buy anything.

For example, perhaps you publish news on your site. If an article proves popular, you may see a spike in traffic, but not a spike in sales or leads. This isn’t always a bad thing as the greater the audience, the greater the brand awareness, but if your aim is ROI, you’ll want to attract more of the buying type.

So why do you need to do keyword research? To attract the right kind of visitors, and lots of them!

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