The Importance Of A Content Marketing Strategy

We all know it only takes a few seconds to make an impression.But did you realise that if you don't make a great impression on your website visitors within three seconds you will lose half of them?

I think we agree, that's pretty staggering stuff. Half your visitors, gained through blood, sweat and tears...oh and money of course, gone, lost, departed. You lose, your competitors gain.

This simple fact is exactly why you need a strong content marketing strategy in place.

Having one means time and effort spent creating and implementing it. But how will having a content marketing strategy template for your business help you?

1. Mobilise & Maximise.

Forty percent of all your website visitors are now using mobile phones to surf the net. The stark fact is that nearly half your traffic is using small-screen browsers on the move.

So how mobile optimised is your layout? Is it fully responsive for all devices? Do images resize or do they break the layout?

Does your site load fast? Lightening fast?

What looked like small problems can have a massive impact on your income. But how much?

2. Lose A Second, Lose 7%.

Every second a site takes to load, you lose up to 7% of your visitors. They simply get bored and click away.

That's the small window of opportunity you have to hit them with your great offer.

So armed with your newly acquired knowledge that nearly half your visitors are on small-screen browsers, you also know you can lose 7% of your traffic for every second your site is loading or displaying preamble.

A good content strategy can help you to keep that 7% per second on your site.

Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy

Offer Everything Up Front.

Your whole offer has to also make visitors want to stay. You have to work hard to get everything you want them to have right there, when they land.

Everyone knows how tough it can be sitting in a moving vehicle using touch screen device.

So why is your main content three clicks deep?

This may all sound simple, and it is. But implementing an entire strategy for your content can be daunting when you have a gazillion other things to do.

Retention, Retention, Retention.

The web is getting more competitive. Now you know how easy it is to lose people, how can you stop it happening?

Simply by implementing a fully-developed content marketing strategy.

Start with the nuts and bolts. Make sure your site loads fast and is identical to use on all devices.

Your strongest message must hit them immediately and lead them down a clear path to satisfaction, rather than into information hell.

Make sure your content is engaging and has a unique angle. Instant engagement is vital. By doing simple things well, you will ensure a higher percentage of returning visitors.

And this is the kicker.

Unless you grab the nettle and either do it right yourself or pay an expert to do it for you, then money is being left on the table. Money that other people will be only too happy to take.

Things have changed for you in the last three minutes. Now you are aware of what a content strategy begins to look like and the benefits it can bring.

If you don't now implement one you know you are choosing to struggle. Then you will have to ask yourself some serious questions.