Email Marketing Book For Solopreneurs

Email Marketing Success
Email Marketing Success

According to McKinsey & Co. "E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined" . Despite this, Email is seen as less 'on trend' and often overlooked by small businesses.

Email marketing is a very cost effective and targeted way of promoting any business; and it shouldn't take up too much time either.

Following the success of our last publication, Essential Online Advertising: Spend Wisely, Get Results, we are very pleased to announce that our new publication, Email Marketing Success: Build Trust, Win Customers, is now available to order from Oodle Books.

This is the second book we have published as part of the Solopreneur Guides series and is aimed at the small business owner, freelancer or entrepreneur.

The book is written around six frequently asked questions surrounding email marketing:

1. Why and when should I use email over other forms of marketing?

2. Who can I email without breaking any anti-SPAM laws?

3. How can I build a list of subscribers?

4. Why should I invest in Email Marketing Software?

5. How can I get my emails opened?

6. How do I interpret my reports and make improvements?

Email Marketing Success is written in a jargon free language that won't try to baffle you with science. It contains everything you need to get started with email marketing or give you the inspiration to continue honing your skills.

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