Drop in Organic Reach in Facebook?

Earlier this year, I reported on the new Facebook algorithm being a new opportunity for business Pages to capitalise on the increased exposure for link-share updates. However, since then, there's been lots of reports of organic reach falling considerably for Facebook Page owners. Whether this is due to them not taking advantage of link-share updates, remains to be seen, but here's what people are saying... Social@Ogilvy published research earlier this month entitled "Facebook Zero: Considering Life After the Demise of Organic Reach", which showed that updates from business pages were being seen by less and less people with a drop of 6% from 16% of followers in February alone.

They've also reported that large Pages with more than 500k followers could see organic reach become less than 2%. (I know, 2% of 500k is still a considerable audience that some businesses could only dream of on Facebook, but with the general trend of decreasing reach, it's something everyone should be concerned with).

Facebook Organic Reach Chart
Facebook Organic Reach Chart

So what does the future hold?

Some say that we should expect organic reach to approach zero in the not too distant future, so does that mean Facebook will become redundant for businesses? Of course not, we can always pay for the reach! (Thanks, Facebook ;)!)

It looks like our 'free ride' on Facebook could be coming to an end and the only way we can continue building a following and engaging with our fans is to pay to promote our posts, meaning we'll get the reach, but we'll also get the credit card bill. Dig deep, or jump ship?

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