Does your marketing have momentum?

A detail often overlooked in marketing is momentum. Let me explain what I mean with a little scenario which happens more often than you'd think. An organisation approaches us to them with their online marketing strategy. As with all our clients we'll look at what they have been doing and what's worked and what hasn't. Time and time again we'll find that they have "tried twitter" but it "didn't work" or they set up a Facebook page but "don't get any business from it" or they tried blogging but it didn't generate any leads.

When we dig a little deeper we often find they were active on Twitter, sending tweets out everyday for a few weeks, then.... nothing!

The Facebook page is set up with one "welcome to Facebook page" style update and then... nothing!

Looking at their blog, an article was written and published every month for six months and then... (you guessed it!) nothing!

There's nothing wrong with trying things to see what works and evaluating a strategy's effectiveness, but with social media you need to continually invest time to build your profile, build your following and establish your brand on a platform.


There's no quick fix when it comes to building your brand, building your followerbase and building relationships with those followers. These things take time and effort over weeks, months and years. That's probably not what you want to hear but the fact remains that although social media is mostly free to do, the real investment comes with your time (and patience!).

People like consistency so give them what they want and commit to a content and social media schedule that keeps your fans engaged on a regular basis.

Our top 4 tips for maintaining marketing momentum

  1. Use a simple tool like Excel to plan ahead and note down key dates throughout the year that spark ideas for content and schedule articles to be written in advance. Brainstorm article titles and list them in a Gantt chart. 
  2. Assign responsibility to each post and make sure it's on their task list or in their diaries making them accountable.
  3. Have a supply of articles ready to launch for the weeks when there's no real news or time is short. (Make sure these are still high quality articles, it's not about publishing content for content's sake; we still have to maintain our standards.)
  4. Use Hootsuite to schedule social media updates in advance, taking the pressure off of content distribution and promotion.

So there you have it. Think of your content and social media marketing as a long term investment and keep consistent with your efforts to build those relationships and get the best results. It's like a long term relationship (a marriage, if you will), you can't just be nice to your partner for a day then not speak to them for 3 months! Well, of course, you can, but you can probably guess the outcome of that relationship ;).

Social media works, you just need to maintain the momentum!

We welcome your thoughts on this subject so feel free to leave a reply below.