Creating Great Content

Link building has long been seen as the holy grail of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Build links and lots of them and you'll see your site go from nowhere to number 1 in Google's search results. While that was true in a lot of cases, it's not that simple any more. You see, building lots of links is easy to do if you go to the right places (link farms, directories, etc), but this is not a long term strategy. This is gaming the system, deliberately attempting to manipulate the search results. It has no benefit to your website visitors either and could get your site banned.

Creating great content
Creating great content

So what should you do to achieve long term results, satisfy the user and also build brand credibility? Simple! Write great content.

It's a simple concept, but one which requires planning, knowledge and an infectious enthusiasm for the subject you’re writing about. If you’re not enthusiastic about your subject matter, you're not going to produced content that people will be enthusiastic about reading.

So what should you write about? This will vary depending on your industry and target audience, and also the keywords you want to rank well for. Staying on topic will help both users and Google know what your business is about and where your expertise lies.

Here's some ideas that you could as a starting point:

Research findings - done any research recently? Or perhaps you've seen findings published in the press. Why not put your own spin on this and invite users to give their thoughts.

Product launches or new services provide a great opportunity for PR as well as website content in the form of a written article and video demonstration or promotion.

How to guides - these are great for showing off what you know. They also translate well into video content and can be a great addition to your FAQ section if you have one, or a great alternative if you don't.

So now you've hopefully got some ideas of what to write to about, now you need a plan.

Who will write the content? Do you have someone in house to take this on? Should you outsource this to another agency? This all depends on budget and resources. Writing content needs to be a regular activity to keep the site fresh and users interested, so if you don't have the resources in house for someone to be writing on a regular basis, it may be an idea to use an external company.

At Skittish we get to know our clients and their industries. We want to produce the best content possible so we'll make sure we're excited as you are about your products and services. You'll have the chance to suggest content and sign off everything we write for you, so if you're looking to outsource content creation, give us a shout on 07855 02 40 30 or email