How to become an Instagram Instaguru! (infographic)

Released in 2010, Instagram has quickly gained popularity in only a few years, reaching 200 million users in 2014. While Facebook might hold the title of most populated social media platform, Instagram has the youngest with 90 percent of their audience under the age of 35 and the most engaged with 24 percent using the app several times a day. Many companies have started to use Instagram as a way to showcase their products and services, but most don't see the value in the platform. One of the main reasons some businesses don't have an Instagram account is because their company is not visually focused. They believe that without a product they cannot offer any value to the typical Instagram user. This is far from the truth. While the Instagram audience might be visually oriented, they are mainly looking for images that tell a story. Pictures of team members participating in extracurricular activities or showing off their work spaces are actually some of the more popular on Instagram. It might require a bit of creativity, but any business can successfully attract followers with the right technique.

If you're new to Instagram, the infographic below can help you navigate the platform and integrate certain tips and tricks to gain followers.