Is your domain extension harming your search engine rankings?

There’s so many factors that can affect your search engine positions and, ultimately, the traffic to your website. But is the domain extension (the .com,, etc) one of them? And if so, which is better for your business?

I was recently asked by a client about purchasing a new domain for a new brand they were developing.

The brand is international and the .com domain is already registered, so what would be the best option to go for? .net? .co? .business? .agency?

There's lots more choice out there now when your purchasing a domain, but how does Google see these different TLDs (Top Level Domains)?

Previously, in the SEO world, we've seen a negative association with some TLDs such as .biz and .info, as they were often very cheap to register and became associated with low quality websites.

Google’s stance of the new TLDs, however, is that they are all viewed in the same way and judged based on the quality and relevance of the content on the website hosted on them.

So, it's not what you register, it's what you do with it that counts!

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