5 (more) LinkedIn Profile Pictures That Shouldn't Happen

Last year, I wrote an article called 5 LinkedIn Profiles Pictures that Shouldn't Happen, but I don't feel I covered all of them with that first 5, so here's another 5 profile pictures that seem to be representing professional people (badly) on LinkedIn.

#6: The Pooch Picture

This isn't even acceptable on Facebook, so why on earth would people think that a picture of their canine friend would be better than a photo of themselves at representing them as a professional? I can understand if you are a professional dog walker or dog groomer that you might want to feature one of your clients, but it's really you we do business with, not your dogs. (This also applies to cats, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, giraffes and baby sloths - although who doesn't love a baby sloth?).

#7: The Last Season in Magaluf Mug Shot

A snap from the holiday album seems to be a popular one, maybe because we're sporting a tan and the back drop is often more idyllic. But is it the most appropriate picture for you to share as your professional profile? You may look amazing in that grass skirt with your cocktail umbrella behind your ear and I'm sure you've never looked better than when you were sat on that camel wearing that bikini (you in the bikini, not the camel), but unless you plan on turning up to work on a camel, there's probably a more appropriate photo you could use.

#8: The Happy Couple

You're in a relationship! That's great! Now go and declare it Facebook and remove your wife, husband, life partner from your LinkedIn profile pic. This is your personal profile, there are no joint profiles, so stick to one person in your photo. Would you bring your partner along to a business meeting (assuming you don't work together) or job interview?

#9: The Proud Parent

You've got kids! That's great! Plaster their faces all over Facebook and leave them off of your LinkedIn profile picture. I know it sounds harsh, but your children are not part of your professional profile. As with your partner, I'm guessing you don't take your children with you when you visit a client, attend a business conference or go for a job interview, so you'd be better focusing your LinkedIn profile on you as the business person rather than you as the proud parent.

#10: The toilet or changing room selfie

Do people think we can't see what's in the background on their LinkedIn photo? I think one of the worst places to take a selfie is in the toilets. Perhaps it's just me, but it would never occur to me to visit a public convenience and then think that that would be a great time to take out my camera and capture a new profile pic for LinkedIn. The other one that baffles me is the changing room pic. Trying on an outfit you don't own and taking a shot of yourself in the changing room mirror, the reflection of your phone giving it away.

Selfies rarely make the best profile pictures on LinkedIn no matter where they are taken. Get yourself a professional photographer and invest in some great shots that you can be proud of.

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