Why your Google Ads won't work on Facebook

If you've been using Google AdWords to promote your business and have achieved a level of success, you'll naturally look to amplify that success on other platforms.

As another Pay-Per-Click platform, Facebook Ads offer another avenue to reach your target audience, so it makes sense to explore the opportunities it presents.

Before you begin, however, you need to think long and hard about your strategy. Simply copying and pasting your campaigns across from Google to Facebook just won't work. Here's why:

They're there for different reasons

People don't visit Facebook and Google for the same reasons. If you're looking to book a holiday or purchase a new car, would you visit Google and type a relevant search into the search bar or would you log in to Facebook and hope that a relevant ad will randomly pop up in your news feed while you're distracted by what your friends have been up to?

It's probably going to be the former. So you need to bear this in mind when you create your adverts. People are not on Facebook with their 'shopping head' on. Or even their 'research head'. They are there with their 'social head' on. (If Worzel Gummidge were still on TV, he'd have a 'Social Head', I'm sure).

Your adverts need to look less like adverts and more like conversations, inviting engagement, not pushing sales messages.

Targeting doesn't work the same way

With Google Ads, you're targeting people based on the keywords they type into the search bar. You don't necessarily know who these people are in terms of demographics or interests, but it's assumed that they are interested in what you do based on what they are looking for.

With Facebook Ads, no one is searching for your products or services; you're merely interrupting someone's news feed to bring them something you hope will interest them.

Facebook allows us to target people based on demographics and interests which makes targeting more effective, however, it's difficult (if not impossible) to know whether the people you are targeting are currently in the market for what you're selling, or whether they will respond to being advertised to on their favourite social media channel.

You might be getting the right message to the right audience, but how do you know it's at the right time? Often, you won't, so your ads need to take this into account and not assume everyone who sees the ads will want to do business with you right now.

Again, it's about starting the conversation, making that initial contact and building the relationship so when the time is right, they're already on their way to being a customer.

Success might look different

Another important aspect of these two platforms is the goal you set for each one.

Sales or enquiries often form the basis of goals for any Google AdWords campaign and this is appropriate given that you can target people who are actively looking to buy a product or service.

With Facebook Ads, it's a bit different. We can't target people who are actively looking to make a purchase, so if you were to set a goal of generating x number of sales from Facebook, you might be disappointed that your results don't match up to your Google AdWords results.

Whilst it is possible to generate sales from Facebook, particularly for consumer products, your goals should include metrics such as engagement, click through rates, website visitors, video views and shares to give a more rounded picture of success.

If you're looking to use Facebook Ads for your business, or you've tried them in the past and you didn't see the results, we'd be happy to have an informal chat about your strategy and whether they would be a fit for your business. Get in touch on 07855 024 030 or email heather@skitti.sh.